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Stakeholder registration for Medical Technology Assessment Board

To facilitate the process of transparent and evidence informed decision making in the field of health, Government of India proposes to set up Medical Technology Assessment Board (MTAB) which will generate and compile evidences related to cost- effectiveness, clinical- effectiveness and safety of medicines, devices, vaccines and health programmes by means of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) studies. It will evaluate appropriateness and cost effectiveness of the available and new health technologies in India, so that maximum people can have access to quality healthcare at minimum cost in the country. Establishment of MTAB may prove to be a watershed in achieving of Universal Health Care, one of the targets under Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as it aims to encourage the process of development of standardized cost effective interventions that will reduce the cost and variations in patient care, expenditure on medical equipment directly affecting the cost of patient care, decrease overall cost of medical treatment, reduce out of pocket expenditure of patients and streamline the medical reimbursement procedures.

MTAB proposes to have wide consultation with stakeholders for better scientific assessment of new technologies for their cost effectiveness and appropriateness before their introduction in/procurement for affordable health care.

All stakeholders interested in participating with MTAB on HTA analysis and serve as an important tool in prioritizing national health spending.

You are requested to fill the attached form and submit a soft copy to kavitha[dot]rajsekar[at]nic[dot]in

Stakeholders Registration Form

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If registering on behalf of an organisation, please complete the below:
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Please indicate which group best describes your interest in the technology:
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