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The business allocated to the Department is summarised below:

  1. Promotion and co-ordination of basic, applied and clinical research including clinical trials and operational research in areas related to medical, health, biomedical and medical profession and education through development of infrastructure, manpower and skills in cutting edge areas and management of related information thereto.
  2. Promote and provide guidance on research governance issues, including ethical issues in medical and health research.
  3. Inter-sectoral coordination and promotion of public-private partnership in medical, bio-medical and health research related areas.
  4. Advanced training in research areas concerning medicine and health including grant of fellowships for such training in India and abroad.
  5. International cooperation in medical and health research including work related to international conferences in related areas in India and abroad.
  6. Technical support for dealing with epidemics and natural calamities.
  7. Investigation of outbreaks due to new and exotic agents and development of tools for prevention.
  8. Matters relating to scientific societies and associations, charitable and religious endowments in medicine and health research areas.
  9. Coordination between organisations and institutes under the Central and State Governments in areas related to the subjects entrusted to the Department and for the promotion of special studies in medicine and health.
  10. Indian Council of Medical Research.