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CPIO & Appellate Authorities

RTI Act:- RTI Act provides access to information/documents as available in the Department, to the citizens subject to some limitation as provided under the Act. The Act has been implemented in the Department in letter and spirit.

Details of nominated Officers under RTI Act are as under:

SI. No. Name Designation Designated post for RTI/Appeal Contact No.
1 Shri Vinod Kumar Deputy Secretary Appellate Authority 011-23736087
2 Shri Daulat Ram Meena Deputy Secretary Appellate Authority 011-23736901
3 Smt Aruna Bahl Sen Deputy Secretary Appellate Authority 011-23736089
4 Shri S. N. Jasra Deputy Secretary Appellate Authority 011-23736218

Nodal Officer Shri S. N. Jasra,
Deputy Secretary,
Department of Health Research,
2nd Floor, Red Cross Building,
New Delhi – 110001
Tel. No. 011 – 23736218


All the four Under Secretaries are designated as CPIO in respect of work pertaining to them. The details of CPIO in respect the concerned CPIOs are as under:

SI. No. Name Designation Appellate Authority Contact No. Remarks
1 Shri R. J. Meena Under Secretary Shri S. N. Jasra, Deputy Secretary 011-23736217 Information pertaining to general matters, not assigned to any particular CPIO
2 Shri H. C. Mondal Under Secretary Smt Aruna Behl Sen, Deputy Secretary 011-23736218 Information pertaining to ICMR, HRD Scheme, Budget.
3 Shri Mohanlal Under Secretary Shri Daulat Ram Meena, Deputy Secretary 011-23736085 Information pertaining to VRDL, HTAIn, Alternate System of Medicines.
4 Shri Dinesh Kumar Under Secretary Shri Vinod Kumar, Deputy Secretary 011-23736089 Information pertaining to Admn. Section, General Section, MRU / MRHRU Schemes.