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About Health Technology Assessment in India (HTAIn)

The Department of Health Research has set up a health technology assessment body named as “Health Technology Assessment in India (HTAIn)” to evaluate all kinds of Medical Technologies.

The need to establish such a body was discussed and recommended by 12th Plan Working Group on Health Research. Considering the recommendations, the Government recognized the urgent requirement of Health Technology Assessment body in India and therefore, has decided to set up Health Technology Assessment in India (HTAIn) for evaluation and appropriateness and cost effectiveness of the available and new Health Technologies in India.

The HTAIn aims to encourage the process and finalize the development of standardized cost effective interventions that will reduce the cost and variations in patient care, expenditure on medical equipment in directly affecting the cost of patient care, overall cost of medical treatment, reduction in out of pocket expenditure of patients and streamline the medical reimbursement procedures.

Objectives of HTAIn

  • Maximising health in the population, reducing out of pocket expenditure (OOP) and reducing inequity.
  • To support the process of decision-making in health care at the Central and State policy level by providing reliable information based on scientific evidence.
  • Develop systems and mechanisms to assess new and existing health technologies by a transparent and inclusive processes.
  • To appraise health interventions and technologies based on available data on resource use, cost, clinical effectiveness, and safety.
  • To collect and analyse evidence in a systematic and reproducible way and ensure its accessibility and usefulness to inform health policy.
  • Disseminate research findings and resulting policy decisions to educate and empower the public to make better informed decisions for health.